Thursday, March 27, 2008

a new thang for me

My business card says "from fleece to felt" so I figured I better start learning to clean wool. I bought 3 pounds of Cormo wool that had just been sheered off the sheep. The seller told me it felted very nicely though I have never worked with Cormo before. I am trying to wash the first 1/2 of it today. Oh it is nasty, smelly stuff even before it is wet, she doesn't coat her sheep obviously. I am in the 3rd wash and it looks alot better, I have one or two more washes/soaks to go. Seems it has more vegetable matter than I had thought but that's ok, combing will fix that. I hope to try and dye it this weekend. Next will be trying to felt it!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sat. was a play day

Faith came over yesterday for the first time since I have moved out into the country. She has started needle felting and I was wet felting so we talked as we worked. I was trying to felt some scales for this awful doll I am working on in a round robin. The felting didn't look good so I was back at step one. Anyway I finished my part, have to print out the pictures and add to the journal then that one will be on it's way to another poor soul.

Not much else happening here. I am still spending a lot of time each evening on my homework. This course is more fun than the last on although I did get a 96 on it. I am hoping to keep getting good grades.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

PhotoShop classes

Last week, we started to learn about Photoshop and we barely touched the iceberg of what the tools and filters can do. I should be working on next week's assignments but think I am going to play around with my own images and see if I can make a digital scrap book page with Photoshop. Will show here if it works!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The beginning of something new

Haven't tried to blog before so this should be interesting. Not even sure anyone else can see this! This is BatBoy that I made in a Liz McGrath class at ArtFest. He has since been dressed and looks even better