Monday, June 29, 2009

a whirlwind

I feel like I am living in a whirlwind these days. Things at work are incredibly busy because of H1N1 virus. I have worked late everyday last week and 1/2 a day Sat. Still plenty of stuff waiting for me this morning.

Sunday I was part of a show in down town Decature, Ga. I was in the Seen Gallery and was really excited about the show. It was a very hot day and I guess people did not feel like being out and strolling so the attendence was low. Not good for sales but great for meeting people and discussing felting plus one of the local shops took my card and told the Gallery owner that she loved my felting. Hope that leads to something. Also had plenty of time to meet the other artists, they were all mostly intown, I was the only one from the boonies. Was told about another possible venue that I need to check into and was asked back to the Gallery for the July show. Even if people don't buy, I definitely caught their eyes with all my colors.

Anyway, I need to get really busy to make more things for the next show. It really isn't the time of year to be selling felt but if I get my face out there, it should help with the fall and winter shows.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Photography on artwork

I have spent most of the afternoon trying to photo the true colors of this freeform peyote bracelet. As you will see if you click on the pictures, each color looks different and none of them look like the real colors. I think I am going have to go ahead and build a light box. Somewhere on line I found really good instructions for making one so if anyone is interested, I will try to find it again. I think it was posted as a link on twitter or maybe YouTube. It is amazing how much free information is out on the internet. If you have suggestions as to making the colors true on my bracelet let me know. I tried to scan them but of course the scanner is taking the weekend off. Hope it hasn't died on me....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hot, hot ,hot in Georgia

I have not posted in awhile, work seems to be taking all my energy during the week. Of course the heat doesn't help, it really drains your energy to be outside and my garden is showing the neglect.

My home has been invaded by 5 little boys this weekend. My step-son, a visiting boy up the street , the boy next door with his cousin and a visitor. The front door and my refridgerator are now revolving doors. Thirsty, empty pits, everyone of them. They do play well together, no big fights so far, just an incredible level of noise. Was I ever like that? I was such a tom boy, I was probably worse.

On to the art world, I have my first show next Sunday. It is an afternoon show in a Gallery in downtown Decatur. This is a very nice community and will draw lots of customers I hope. It would be nice to get some commissioned work. The show is called Sundacation and is supposed to be aimed at people who are in town and not on vacation. Keep your fingers crossed for me, my creative muse is taking a summer break it would seem.

Hope everyone is have a good start to their summer!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yart Sale on Etsy

I am having a Yart Sale! Many items marked down, they have YART in the item title. Will be adding more items as the sale progresses. Please come visit.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A really fun Friday

I took off work on Friday (which already makes it a good day anyway). We got up a 6 and gathered Jonathan and Phil's mom and headed to south Georgia, well south of us anyway. We went to a wild animal park. You ride in this very old, bumpy school bus with no windows and the animals all come up to the windows to be fed. I have never seen so many animals out in the wild and not in a zoo. There were at least 10 types of deer, goats, llahmas, emus, ostriches, wild boars with piglets and cows. It was amazing to feed them, they took the food so gently from you. I had a musk ox who decided I was a soft touch. He kept up with the bus with his head in my window for a long time. His nose must have been 10 inches wide and his horns were very intimidating but he was very gentle. Also got to feed the giraffes and we had buffalo come onto the bus with us to eat. I was not too thrilled with that.

They had a small enclosed area for the tigers, ligers (cross of tiger and lion),lions, monkeys,bears etc. There was a young llahma that let me hug on her and kiss her, she kissed right back. I measured but she would not fit into the car trunk. There was a very demanding goat with 3 horns who also got feed a lot. He was quite happy to see me and my animal food I had left over.

It was really a fun day, I am ready to go back again, maybe in the fall when it is cooler. Glad we got there early because even with showers, it got very hot and muggy.

Now for a wool report if you are still with me. Remember that carder that I bought? Well I made my first batt and put it up on It is a really pretty color. I mixed two icky strands of roving and added angelina then ran it thru the carder several times. It is a small batt, I can see now why people want electric ones but I am pleased with the results!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A while back, I answered a call to make art for auction with the money to be given for research for ovarian cancer. Below is the official information about the raffle. I have several altered ties on the site but you have to scroll thru the site to find them. If you can bid on any of the pieces, it would be really appreciated. If not, then enjoy the artwork and pass this info onto others who might not know about this project.
Let the RAFFLE BEGIN!The Ties That Bind Doll Raffle is now open.It was one year ago that we began this project. Everyone pitched in with their art. Now it's time to pitch in againby donating and spreading the news!Remember this is a tax deductible donation! Give big. Give often.If we can get 500 people to donate $20 over the next 4 months we will raise $10,000.How awesome would that be???????We can do this. If everyone here gets just 6 people to donate $20.....we can go beyond that goal!THAT IS ONLY 6 PEOPLE DONATING PER ARTIST.The latest photos and link information to the raffle can be found on our blog album:http://projecttiest hatbind.blogspot .com/There is a link box there where you can copy the code and place it on your blogs, websites and what evers.Just remember to highlight the code in the box and make sure you highlight to the RIGHT AND DOWN....oryou can easily miss picking up the entire's a little box!!We have until September 30th to raise as much money as possible. On the 30th the non profit organizationwill draw the lucky winner!PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. ADD THE NEW RAFFLE LINK PHOTO BUTTON TO YOUR BLOG/WEBSITE.if you need help with this just email us!!! See the raffle online at: http://www.scrapboo kroyalty. com/tiesthatbind .html

Monday, June 1, 2009

I survived the weekend

Saturday I went to my trailer studio to start dyeing and carding. Started filling up the pots with water and the water turned off. Complete stop, no noise, no air in pipes,no water. My husband was outside cutting the grass so I followed him until I could get his attention. While we were talking, I felt burning on my feet and realized I was standing in a fire ant hill. So I kicked my shoes off, starting slapping my feet and legs as I backed out of the hill. Phil of course thought I must be having some sort of convultion so he got me back into the cool studio. I told him about the water and he said the water pump must have died which will cost at least $1400 to fix. I already need $1000 for an electrician to run new wires that the squirrels have chewed soooo it is not looking good for my studio, at least not until Phil finds a job.

Flash forward to Sunday. It was beautiful outside so I took my photo table and some props up into the edge of my backyard so I would have a nice green backdrop. I brought out 10 items to take pictures of for Etsy. Since I am in the back of the yard where it is shady, I immediately get swarmed by zebra mosquitoes and sweat bees. I am swatting and hopping trying to keep the bugs off of me. Larkin my corgi has knocked over my beer and is happily getting drunk. I am trying to grab him, not drop the camera and swat insects. The crowning touch was when I looked down and saw I was standing in poison ivy. Sure is a good thing I love doing and promoting my art!