Friday, February 24, 2012


We were supposed to have storms today that never happened but the wind kicked up. I came home to 3 trees down and partially blocking our dirt road. Good thing it didn't happen last night. I would not has seen it and damaged my car. Always an adventure living here.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Felting today

It is supposed to get up to 75 today in north Ga so I am outside felting. We have a bit of a breeze so that has not helped to put down the roving. I did something not so smart and am too far into the project to fix it. I used 3 different types of sheep wool and of course each one felts faster or slower than the others. I have had to be so gentle with my first rubbings and still some of the fibers want to roll out. I used lots more soap and that has helped some. So has frequent breaks to let the piece just sit for awhile. I am trying to make another bird house and the colors in this one are really beautiful. Fingers crossed that this works!

Oh and guess how many pieces a semi-assembeled Louet wheel has..... way more than I expected.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It is finally here and I am so excited to take it out of the box but am sure I will tonight.

I almost have the canvas with Larkin in a bride's gown finished. I bid on a Collier's Cyclopedia and one. It is from 1882 and is very fragile but there is a chapter on Wedding Etiquetic (sp) so this will be the back of the piece. I have worked on this piece so much I probably won't sell it but will make other pieces.

Work was Hell today. I have a co-worker who has harrassed me for over 20 years and today she went too far. I decided I could deck her (very satisfying but would probably landme in jail for awhile) I have left an hour early. Good decision because she had truly hit my last nerve. Will I ever be able to retire?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring in North Georgia

The weather here is really screwy. Below freezing one night, 45 degrees the next. My camelias are full of buds but the ones who have opened early are burnt around the edges. No daffodils here but you can see them all blooming where farms and homes used to be. My plum tree just starting blooming yesterday and my hellborius are blooming like crazy and probably need to be divided. My Christmas bottle tree is almost full and looks wonderful in the garden. So much weeding I need to do in that bed.
As for creating.... well I have finished several old projects so I have quite a few new things for the show in late March. I am stuck in my head on this one piece that is so cool but keeps changing everytime I work with it. Won't be selling this one, no one could afford it.
My birthday is coming up and we will be headed to a cabin in N.Ga. They allow dogs so everyone gets to come and have a good time. I have decided that I don't need anything, well maybe someone to come over and help me de-stash but I have also worked with Creative to help a Place to Bark

This is a rescue group for disgarded cats and dogs. My friend Bernie Berlin has been trying to run this for year off her own money and her inheritance but they are in trouble now and I send them money as often as I can but of course it is never enough. Bernie does great work at re-homing animals.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Just got info that my wheel has reached the US. Only days now.
In other news, I finally figured out how to make felted bangles. They are so cool. I plan to bead them.
Looks like no one has signed up for my Sat. dyeing class. Oh well, I need the time to make more stuff anyway.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An angora rabbit story

The yarn shop where I teach bought a sweet 6 week old bunny named Ruby in Oct. They have a great cage for her, let her out regularly to hop around the shop. As she has gotten older, she has started to destroy rugs and wool she can reach to someone has to watch her when she is out of her cage. Well withing the past month she has decided she needs a boy friend. She has become more distant instead of friendly. She has bitten the owner several times. This week when she was taken out of her cage, she started growling. When she was put on the floor, she took off to find a hiding place. The owner had to go find her of course but when Ruby was found, it really pissed her off and she started chasing and growling at the owner all over the shop. I was laughing so hard when they told me about this, I didn't even ask how they got her back into her cage.

Friday, February 10, 2012

It is Friday Finally

What a long week. Had my evaluation at work and that turned out to be a very unpleasant experience for everyone involved. I put up with a lot but somethings I just can't turn my head and walk away as I should.

Creative wise, I have made several flowers and a start on a hair barrette. I think I told you I am trying to develope a line of felt that will work with spring and summer shows since scarfs and wraps just don't sell in the South when it is hot, obviously.

Yesterday I got in 7 ounces of multi-color Cotswald and some dyed silk of the same colors. I plan to start combing it this weekend. I hope to spin it in my wheel if it ever gets here. It was ordered from the factory in the Netherlands and is in transit across the Atlantic ocean at the moment. I know Cotswald felts hard but spongy if that makes sense but I have no idea what type of yarn it will make.

Next week I am teaching a dyeing class. We will dye silk, wool and yarn. Next class will be nuno with what we have dyed. I am using organic dyes since I don't want to deal with respirators for the whole class but the organic colors turn out pastel and not very bright. Maybe I can make up a couple pots of chemical dye to show the difference.
Well that is it for this week. Hope you have all had a nice one and an ever better weekend.