Monday, July 18, 2011

all about nuno

my DH, SS and MIL all left yesterday for the beach leaving me and the dogs at home. I need to work and can't afford a dog sitter so here we are. The very upside of all of this is I have an entire week to create with no one needing me to do something else.
Yesterday I started a nuno scarf. Took about 3 hours to lay out and I have been rolling on it for 2 hours now. Took a break and figure I need at least one more hour of rolling. How do people make money with this? I can't possibly charge my labor and materials then expect this to be in a price range to sell. So far the piece is looking really good, hope it holds together thru the fulling. Only wish I had dyed the silk so will be doing some of that this week. Hope you all are getting some art done if it isn't too hot to play with wool.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

away a long time

Sorry I have been away so long. Work has been crazy and I come home too tired to do much other than feed everyone. So I am back. I was in a show at Sautee Natcoochee, in the Ga mountains and it was a good show for me. We broke even which included where we stayed so I was happy about that. The house we stayed in was haunted by Lidia but Phil never heard her, I did though. She was a young girl what was loved to play pranks. Ask me if you want to know about it. Slowly I am getting noticed, I was asked to 2 more festivals at this one. Anyone who stopped by my booth seemed over whelmed by all the color. I hope I can sell all those pictures and concentrate totally on fibers. Of course I would still make wall hangings. We backed out of a show that was going to be yesterday and today. It was going to be on black aspalt and I knew I couldn't do it plus it would be my first show I would do alone. I can't even put of the tent by myself.
It is too hot here to be outside felting or dyeing. The dogs just want to lay on the linoleum (sp) to stay cool. I don't want to do much either. Is anyone out there getting any felting done? If so, what are you making?