Saturday, January 8, 2011

snow days coming?

Well if you can believe the weather people, looks like we are in for several inches of snow before we have several inches of ice. Now I love a good snow day off work as much as the kids do out of school but the ice worries me. I live at the very end of a dirt road and one of the generators is in my front yard. We are not high priority on having power turned back on and our house is totally electric. We are blessed to have a fireplace and a good bit of wood. Also for Christmas Phil got a solar lamp that runs lots of hours. As you can imagine, I am looking for projects to try. Felting is out of the question as no hot water but I just got in a new bundle of wools that I found on sale. I have never made a cowl but I have knitting directions for a very funky one. I also have a vest that I need to make one more panel for and then crochet the panels together and it will be finished so I have plenty that I can do. Maybe a few days of total quiet and forced knitting will be just the rest I need from the holidays.
If any of you are snowed or iced in, please try to stay warm and catch up on a few of those projects that have just been sitting around. Lots post completed projects when we get power back on, I would love to see what others are doing!