Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Product Review

Being a fiber nut, I seem to collect as much ribbon as I do cloth and wool. My spools of ribbon have been packed in a box for years and I always knew there had to be a better way to organize them. I saw a Martha Stewart show where a designer put up big dowels that covered a wall and that looked like a nice way but I don't have that much wall space. Then I found Creative Visions on Etsy. I ordered 2 of these 3 dowel storage units and now that little corner of my studio looks neat and clean (for the moment) and I can see all my ribbons at one time. The owner and creator, Jim, is very proud of his work as he should be. All the edges are sanded perfectly, not a snag anywhere to mess up your ribbons. He is also very nice and communitive.
Maybe these will help some of you to organize too. Spring cleaning? Sure.......

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I hope this comes thru to all of you. It is a funny video but still ties in with our "wool theme"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Halloween already?

I was just posted info about a cool Halloween giveaway that some of you may be interested in checking out. It is a great blog and website so go visit and spend some time if you can.

from Pearl Avenue

Just an update, to let you know I've been very busy sculpting.
There is a giveaway at,
I donated a vintage Halloween Jack-O-Lantern, Lumiere,
sculpted from paper mache. So if you want a chance to win my
one of a kind, Halloween piece, head on over for a chance to win.
While you're there, check out the Queens Castle Bootique, where I have some quirky witches for sale.

Also, I am working on more Vintage French Moons, and will list some in my Etsy shop very soon.

If you have any ideas on what type of pieces interest you, please let me know. Inspiration comes from everywhere, even you.
Thanks for your interest in my work, I greatly appreciate it.

I look forward to hearing from you,
my thanks,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

more nuno, this one a shirt

my Nuno as Promised

Learned my lesson well....

I can be soooo stubborn. I was in a show last weekend that Phil could not attend and help me set up. I was just sure I could do this alone, plus ever other show I have been in, well everyone helped each other to set up and tear down. I guess not every show is like that, I have just been lucky before. So I got beat up on Sat. setting up and beat up on Sunday tearing down. I took off yesterday and today to let my body repair itself. I was tucked into a corner of the show which I had thought would be a good spot but when someone asked me just what was Fiber Art, well I knew I was in the wrong place and time.
Now I need to check out opportunities much closer before I agree to do a show. I am supposed to be in 2 shows in May that are very close to my house so Phil can help me set up and tear down. Both shows will be a little more like country shows so I am still not sure if I will fit in there but at the very least it will be more convenient.
This was a hard lesson to learn but a good one, I just hope I can remember it. I did pretty well in the show, held my own but no one did really well. There is so much more I could say but I want this to be totally anonymous both for the show and the other vendors. Just keep our fingers crossed that the next shows are more comfortable and fun.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nuno warning

I can not believe that I hurt in so many places. Oh, my goodness, nuno rolling takes at least 2x the time to get a piece well felted as regular wet felting. I love the end product so I guess I am going to be building some muscles this summer. Wouldn't it be nice to lost some weight too!
Sunday I made 2 smaller pieces. I have already sewn one onto the front of a t-shirt. Talk about one of a kind. I am still trying to find enough sunshine to take good pictures when I get home.
Now I want to make a really nice, large piece of art work. I talked with a realtor in John's Creek about being in a show there and she couldn't help me there but she always buys a piece of artwork to give to new home owners who buy from her. Maybe that is a market I should check out. You know all those huge pieces of framed art in Dr. and lawyer's offices? Well they can just start buying from me, good idea?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nuno Class

I am 2 days into a 3 day nuno class and I am loving it. Kathy Colt from Atlanta is teaching it in her home. I hope all of you take a few minutes to visit her site and check out her gallery Her work is incredible. I am learning so much. No wonder I could never get my nuno to work, I was doing it backwards. Figures I guess since I do so many things backwards. Today I made a piece that was ok but not exciting. I brought it home tonight, over dyed it and let it tumble in the dryer. The texture came out to be wonderful and it is the perfect size for a shrug. I will take pictures when it dries and will put it up for sale on Etsy but will post it here too.

This is really what I needed to get me out of my creative slump. With a show next weekend, it will be wonderful to add a few new pieces that are spring/summer weight. Hope you all are having as much fun this weekend as I am. The other women in the class are so much fun too and we all have really different styles. Well, I don't think I have a style but I am liking my work!