Sunday, February 28, 2010

A play day for me

This weekend I have spent all my creating time just on pleasing my self.  It feels so freeing to not care if something will sell or what others like about it.  I joined a prayer flag swap and had so much fun designing and making these flags.  I send it off and recieve 5 back.  These will hang in a tree in my backyard to get weathered and hopefully bring my household the messages on the flags.  Here is my banner.  Try to ignore the background, my studio is in a mess no matter how much time I  spend organizing it.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Now to try a new techique

I have been reading a lot about nuno felting lately.  I have also seen some incredible pieces of artwork.  Now off to find good directions.  There are quite a few on line including Utube but this site on Flickr has very simple instructions with step by step pictures.     I just ordered some dyed silk from The Funky Felter who has a wonderful blog and Etsy site.  OK I can't get this site to come up so just search for direction to nuno felt . Go to Blingo to Search,  click How to Nuno Felt scroll down to the 13rd entry and click.   You must search thru Blingo first.  Going directly to Flickr doesn't seem to work.

Remember I promised to show pictures at my attempt to dye wool chartruse?  Well here they are!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sorry to be absent so long

I hope you all had a chance to read the interview I did with Frances and her wonderful photography.  Today I am dealing with hard things, things that make me want to howl but that won't help.  A lady I have never met named Renee is dying very soon of stage 4 breast cancer.  All I have heard of her have been wonderful stories and I having trouble understanding why rapists and murderers are getting such "fair" treatment while she and her friends are suffering so.  Please light a candle for Renee tonight that she will pass over and soon be out of pain.  I know she will be crowded by loved ones who will be in pain too so send up a prayer for their healing too.  And life will go on.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

An interview with Frances Seward

Today I am going to interview an artist who has nothing to do with fibers. One of the reasons I am interviewing her is to show her artwork as another medium for felting ideas. The colors she blends would be a great guide to making a felted scarf or picture. Of course none of our fiber work could ever match her beautiful photographs.

This artist’s name is Frances Seward. You can see some of her work on her Facebook page

She also has an Etsy shop. and there is a contact button on Etsy if you would like to talk with her directly.

I asked a number of questions and here are her answers;

1. When did you get your first camera?

I got my first camera when I was about 9 years old and was surrounded by photography all my life because my mother was a photographer.

2. Why do you focus on nature photography?

I love nature because it really is such a spiritual experience for me. That is how I started to photograph as I do now.  For years I spent hours at a time photographing up, close and personal with nature.  I am now in love with color ,color combinations as well as the  quality of light and how they make one feel. That is what I strive to do, to create images that are spiritually moving for others as they are for me.

3. Your style is quite unique. Is this what sets you apart from many other photographers?

I currently use a digital camera because I can create the raw image in my camera and do use Photoshop to ensure colors, contrasts and saturations as they should be. All the textures, the space and raw colors are created with my camera. The important tools for creating my art is light and my camera.

My technique does set me apart from other Etsians and photographers although there are photographers who do what I do, the method I mean not the subject matter. My photography is very painterly and a lot of people think they are paintings. My images are created in the moment, never to be seen again except on paper. I find the unpredictability of this technique, working with light and my camera, irresistible allowing me to be very versatile with my work.

4. Tell about your Esty shop and why you created it.

I started Etsy because I was recommended it by a friend. It is hard to sell your work in this economic climate but she convinced me I would get sales on Etsy. She proved me right and it has been an amazing experience. I love doing what I do and love to create new and exciting environments striving to develop my technique further – the whole process is part of the experience. It is perfect really!

5. Tell us about your self.

I grew up in the UK and currently live in the high deserts of New Mexico in Santa Fe- very contrasting lands. Both water and the desert have a huge influence on my work- I yearn for the sea and my imagery brings me closer to it. I yearn for space and this is what I find in New Mexico. I am married to a writer and have a 4 year old son who is the light of my life. Great muses for me were the sacred photographer and his writings: Minor White. My absolute favorite painter: Mark Rothko.

I would like to thank Frances for sharing her photographs with us and telling us so much about her technique. It is always wonderful to talk with someone who has so much love for her work.  Make sure when you visit her sites that you notice she has named each of her pieces with delightful names.