Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally Friday

It looks like Saturday is going to be nice enough to get felting. Sunday is might rain but if still stays warm, I can keep felting on the back porch. I have cleaned off the screened in back porch so that the 6 ft table fits, JT's bike fixed and there is still enough room to sit in my swing and relax. The Dogs can see me thru the door so they will lay down and be good. This porch has french doors that open into my studio so if I need something, I can just step in and get it. I am so glad that we thought of this when we working on the house.
I finally broke down and bought a new clay over. My old one was probably 20 years old and I got it second hand. You absolutely could not keep the temp. Even with a thermometer in it, it would spike and burn stuff. So now I can make more doll heads that are my own design and don't come from press molds not that there is anything wrong with that. Well of to more adventures. Hope to have lots of pics on Monday.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday towards the end of March

Well Mother Nature is playing tricks on us again in the South. Last weekend was so nice. 70's weather high, flowers opening, green and red buds on the tips of tree branches, just beautiful. Then comes Monday. We get up to drizzling rain, in the mid 30's and windy. Got to work and it even started snowing for a little while. What is up with this?

I should have spent that beautiful weekend dyeing silk and wool, maybe even felting some. Instead I wasted too much of it on the computer and working on dolls inside the house. I do have one doll that I should finish soon and will share with all of you.

I do have some good news for those of us in the Atlanta area. The knitting, spinning, crochet and all wonderful things made with fibers groups and guilds are in the first stages of getting a Fiber center where we can all meet, take/teach classes and just have fun being around like-minded people. Read about it here, it is so exciting

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Sewing Expo

I was quite surprised to not see one piece of felting on exhibet.  Not even a nuno scarf to be found.  Lots of embroidery machines, images for machines etc.  The embroidery was the main theme of this show or at least it seemed that way.  The good vendors, a Button guy who sold those beautiful Checz buttons very cheaply.  He had so many I couldn't chose so I bought nothing.  Found a shop that sold machine felting needles.  They appear to be universal and expensive.  Vogue fabric was there with lots of their reduced priced batiks, silk, gadgets etc.  Only place I dropped some serious money ('$50) got to stay on that budget.

Now the classes.  This is the first time I have tried classes there and I won't waste that money again, could have afforded buttons,,grrrrr..  The first class, I paid for an infomercial about one of the vendors booths.  She showed samples and gadgets then told us to stop by her booth to buy her books that showed her patterns and techniques.

Next class was taught by a lovely lady who drew patterns, answered questions and showed many different ways to wear her easy vests and what she made them of.  You don't even need a pattern. 

Third class was a mini nightmare.  I had totally misread or understood what we were making and how we would do it.    We were attempting to make collaged totes and no one in the class finished.  Only one teacher, 20 students and everyone needing help the entire time.  She needed several helpers.  I knew I was in trouble when she said me down at one of the nicest embroidery machines I have ever seen.  I have never tried an embroidery machine and after cussing at it alot, the nice women next to me got tired of my whining so they help me A LOT.  Then I got to use a serger.  What a complicated piece of junk that was.  Nope I never will need one of those.  So I stayed the entire class, got about 20% of the piece done but that was ok, I didn't really like the purse anyway but it gave me a new found respect for Etsiers who do make them and sell them at good prices.  I don't see how they make any money.

So I have completed this experiment.  Go to the show floor and buy next year, don't waste money on the classes.  Oh I did get into the last spot in the Nuno class in April, yeah!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why did it get so busy?

Suddenly it seems like all sorts of good things are coming my way.  Last weekend I took a clay doll class and it was lots of fun.  I really like the "creature" that I made and as soon as I finish dressing him, I will post him here.  This Thurs. I am going to take my first sewing classes since my grandma taught me at 6 years old.  This should be very interesting.  I think 2 classes are demo's but the third one we make something and we get to use an embellisher so maybe I will learn more about that before I break all my needles.  Got to find a source for those.  Next weekend I am taking an on-line class about making human troll hermit crabs.  Will post that too, it should not take any dressing.  I seem to be on this kick of making odd/ugly dolls.  

It is almost warm enough to start felting again.  I want to try the nuno now that my hands won't be shaking.  What is everyone else up to?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Today, March 1, is St. David's Day - the patron saint of Wales. So all =

the corgis should get an extra treat in honor of this feast day.