Thursday, March 31, 2011

things happen

I hurt my shoulder at work and have not been allowed to use that arm for almost a month now. I tried to felt with only one hand but that is really hard to do, I couldn't keep the roll going in one direction and just got irritated with it. So I have been reading magazines and marking what I want to try this weekend. My favorite book so far is the 3rd volume of apronology. I rarely make aprons but I can see how I could convert those aprons into dresses and have get fun decorating them with all my old crochet etc. I have also been spending more time than usual on Etsy just checking out what people are doing and how much they are charging for some of the things that I do. In many of them I just can not believe the high prices. Many of these people have sold way more than I have which is great for them but hard for me to figure out. Oh, I had my first show of the season last week. These people asked me if I would like to be in their show which I said yes to, it was a store I have wanted to get into for years. I was going to set up my tent in the front yard and had filled up my car and the truck with the tent etc. When I woke up the next day it was raining and the forecast was 80% rain for the entire day. I called them to let them know I couldn't bring all my felt out in that moisture but that if they did it again, I would love to work with them. They never called or emailed me back. I wonder if I did the right thing but in my heart I know I did. How many customers would stop in the pouring rain to see an art sale. Oh well, till next time. Hope you are all doing well.