Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things are sure quiet around here

So to stir a few folks awake, the warmth of the spring sun always makes me sleepy too, I am going to have a sale in my Etsy Shop. 10% off everything and free shipping too.

I have added a few more items, sold a few so the site looks abit different than last time you looked probably. I have so many ideas in my head now if I can just get it together to start doing more art. It's that sun thing, keeping me sleepy I guess.

I finally got my carder, all the way from Canada. It is a handmade one but it works and the price was right so I am going to start making my own custom batts from my dyed wool so spinners and felters, keep checking back on that.

Nothing new with the household, Phil is still job hunting. Jonathan graduated 5th grade. We have had a few electrical storms at night so the dogs aren't sleeping well which means I don't sleep well either. I love the storms but the dogs can't figure out the booms and sudden light flashes.

Thanks about it for this post,

more later...


MyGrandpasPen said...

what it is with dogs and lightening? One would think that dogs are brave but not when it comes to a storm!

Almost Precious said...

We've been having the thunder storms down here in Florida too...oh yes and about 2 weeks worth of non stop rain. Think I'm going to grew fins pretty soon.

Paula said...

That doll's really cool.

Jasmine agrees with your dogs about the storms. I literally cannot find her once the first thunder rumbles.

FiberArtisttoo said...

I don't know why dogs are like that. A friend had a German Shepard that they named Boomer because any thunder terrified him. They came home one day and he had crashed thru the backdoor to hide in the house!
Didn't know that cats didn't like thunder storms. Mine never seemed to care.