Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quilt show

We had a really nice weekend for the Quilt show this year. I shared a booth with Cynthia Willard and we had lots of fun. Both of us are pretty laid back so we took turns wandering around the show. I earned my booth money back plus some. Several shop owners and individuals took my cards and discussed me teaching classes. I demoed felting, gave bits of felting history out and really recieved some nice compliments. One vendor said I should enter my framed pieces into an art show at the Smithsonian. Only problem is finding the time and money to get there but still what an incredible affirmation. Some one gets my art!!!

Check back here on Sat. if you have time. I will have another diorama for "Practical Magic"
sort of like the one I did on the TeaParty. I love doing these, it is like letting your imagination go wild!

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