Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas is over

and things can finally calm down. We have things to return. I got a Nook which I didn't ask for but an delighted to get. It is the black and white one so I am going to return it and pay the extra for a color one but B&N is out of them so we are on a waiting list. I think everyone was happy with their presents.
Am now making turkey soup with the remains. I only made a turkey breast this time but did it in the crockpot and that is definitely the way to go. Less mess, more meat.
I have decided to enter a piece of feltwork in the Hampton Gallery. I haven't sold anything there yet but the owner is so supportive of my work, it is only a matter of time till I enter the right piece. Tomorrow I am going to play with my embellisher and my sewing machine, well, maybe. We have to get JT to his hockey game at noon tomorrow and the game starts at 7pm. This was supposed to be a vacation week but so far, no art has been done.
I hope you all had a great Christmas and got what you wanted. Also hope you will be sharing new artwork with me soon, I could use some inspiration!

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