Monday, July 18, 2011

all about nuno

my DH, SS and MIL all left yesterday for the beach leaving me and the dogs at home. I need to work and can't afford a dog sitter so here we are. The very upside of all of this is I have an entire week to create with no one needing me to do something else.
Yesterday I started a nuno scarf. Took about 3 hours to lay out and I have been rolling on it for 2 hours now. Took a break and figure I need at least one more hour of rolling. How do people make money with this? I can't possibly charge my labor and materials then expect this to be in a price range to sell. So far the piece is looking really good, hope it holds together thru the fulling. Only wish I had dyed the silk so will be doing some of that this week. Hope you all are getting some art done if it isn't too hot to play with wool.

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