Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Well it has been a cold rainy day, not fun for veteran's parades or visits to cemetaries but perfect for felting. I have converted the kitchen into a felting station and am having lots of fun and getting much done. I can't make scarves or shawls there but cuffs and wall hangings are perfect for this area. I could be doing soap too but I am abit tired of it. That show in Dec. is going to get here before I know it so I really need to have lots of products ready to sell. I also need to at least double my Etsy inventory. Of course will all the rain, I can't take very good pictures, even with my light box so I can't post the few things I have finished. I started playing the other night with cookie cutters and needle felting. I really don't care much for needle felting, too many bloody fingers but with the cookie cutter shapes, it is an easy way to decorate a cuff or make a pin. So I will be doing more of this too.

Hope you all had a good day and had the day off too. So nice to have only music, my dogs and my art!

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