Friday, October 30, 2009


Inside the main arena is were most of the vendors were and all the classes and demos were shown. The demos were great, I love watching the spinners. I only do drop spindle so to watch others do fancy stuff was fun. I resisted buying a wheel just as I have every year, we just don't have the room and I have too many interests now as it is. One demo was how to make a coosie on a coke can. It was so simple, a resist technique and I will be giving these away for Christmas I know. I ran into 2 young girls with their rabbits and they had just been waiting for the right audience. I now know the difference between English and German bunnies and more about their diets and habits than I ever hoped to know.
Now back to shopping. More alpacha, someone had cream and black at $1 per ounce. Some veggie matter but carding will take care of that. Several dreamy batts with angelina or flash in them. I am all about the sparkle. I bought a small tin with a soy candle in it and decorated with wool on top of the tins. This is what I plan to make for give aways at the Dec. show. I talked with so many wonderful people. Got to see my teacher Chad and she might be teaching classes at her house again this to start saving those pennies again.
Finally I made it outside to see the animals. No alpacas? Unless they left on Sat. cause there were only llamas on Sun. Beautiful animals, one young lady was on her first trip away from her mom and she hummed the entire weekend I was told. I talked with llama rescue and they told me who to get in touch with in Ga. when we get that extra acre fenched in. I had always wanted sheep but the coyotes are getting bad so a llama would be more practical and I wouldn't have to get a GP that I would not want to leave outside! The sheep and goats were wonderful, I think it is the Jacob sheep(?) that were so pretty.
Anyway, a good time was had by all and I now have enough supplies to last me until I see the next beautiful batt that I just have to have.....

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