Friday, February 26, 2010

Now to try a new techique

I have been reading a lot about nuno felting lately.  I have also seen some incredible pieces of artwork.  Now off to find good directions.  There are quite a few on line including Utube but this site on Flickr has very simple instructions with step by step pictures.     I just ordered some dyed silk from The Funky Felter who has a wonderful blog and Etsy site.  OK I can't get this site to come up so just search for direction to nuno felt . Go to Blingo to Search,  click How to Nuno Felt scroll down to the 13rd entry and click.   You must search thru Blingo first.  Going directly to Flickr doesn't seem to work.

Remember I promised to show pictures at my attempt to dye wool chartruse?  Well here they are!

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