Sunday, February 13, 2011

My muse may be back

Well it is Sunday the 13th and I finally decided to work in the studio. First I tried to clean up some so I did some re-arranging. Then I decided I wanted to make a pocket pixey belt so I pulled out lots of fabric, ribbon and thread. I worked till the bobbin ran out and I almost have it finished. It is very funky, nothing I would wear but I am sure I can find a kid would will love it. Pictures coming. Next I decided to nuno felt. I am determined to get that process down. I did a bit better today but put some mohair in it with the wool and that stuff must take a ton of elbow grease to felted really well. Any way the piece will be usable esp if I use my embellishing machine.
As you can see from the photo above, I have been playing around with PhotoShop Elements. I got some books to really learn the program so that too is another project.
Leisa Reisler has put out a challenge where you buy a $25 kit from her and try to make something with it using as much of the bag of goodies as you can, you will win some sort of prize. This sounds like a good way to get into making something and not worrying if it will sell. Maybe that is what my muses problem has been, I haven't been making stuff just for the joy of it.


Life At Camellia Cottage said...

I am so happy you are feeling creative once again, and I agree - creating for the joy it brings to you is the only way!

I've been busy making felt flower pony tail holders - think they should sell well at shows, and they are easy to make. I'll be doing a post on them soon on my crafting blog.

We were out your way yesterday, looking for the new park - when we finally found it, we fell in love - it's going to be gorgeous!!! You are a lucky gal living that close to the greenway and that beautiful park!

Take care, Becky

FiberArtisttoo said...

I know, if they would put trails in from my house, I would live less than a mile away from it. Now I live maybe 3. I have got to find a good bike.