Sunday, October 16, 2011

I am back

I have almost finished my shows for this year, have 2 more biggies to do. Hope I can now catch up on my blog, it is almost like starting over. I have done better in most of my shows this year. That feels good after 3 years of losing or just breaking even. I seem to finally be getting noticed by the local show circuit.
I finally and getting comfortable with nuno felting and have made several very nice pieces. During my down time during the winter, I hope to make some big pieces of felt and make vests. I know it can be done in one piece but I don't have the room to stretch out like that. Have made a deal with a local Alpaca store where I teach who will let me rent a big room with 3 tables so that I can expand.
How has this summer been for everyone else? Have you learned any new techniques that you want to share. I can post your pictures too if you like. Also be thinking if you and your work would like to be featured here in my blog. May give you some more exposure.
Feels good to be back!

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