Tuesday, February 24, 2009

StarTrek Log Feb 24, 2009

Well, I have not gotten much done during my work week. Seems the working day takes such a toll that coming home at night, cooking, cleaning and being on the internet is about all I have the energy for each evening. I do always make time to play with the dogs in the backyard, helps us both get some exercise.
I did get on Twitter and Facebook for awhile last night. I am making many friends and followers but no one talks to me very often. I do make comments on many of their posts but guess I need to be more pro-active instead of sitting here waiting for everyone to come to me.
Tonight I must remember to measure the bag that I am showing at the Hampton Gallery in late spring. This is a juried show for prizes but they are allowing 40 some people in and I have gotten into it. Mostly I want to keep my name seen in the Ga. mountains area, so many tourists. This will be the third North Ga gallery that I carries some of my items so it is good exposure but would be nice if the bag sold too.
If you have time, stop over at my etsy shop and you can see my bags and other amazing items.

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