Saturday, February 28, 2009

down today

I spent most of my morning in bed. I had all sorts of plans for felting today but none of it is going to happen. I turn 55 next Weds. which to me is no big deal but my husband is insisting we celebrate it so tonight Phil, his son Jonathan, his mother and I are going out to celebrate at a big family restaurant. Oh what fun, why can't they just leave me alone?
Went to get my haircut today. Went to the place my husband suggested and not into town to the woman who has cut my hair for years. At the new place, I ask to see my husband's stylist and one lady says that she is. I now have one of the worst haircuts I have ever had and the woman lied. I had mistaken which shop and had actually been across the street at the wrong salon yet this woman says she always works on my husband's hair. I feel violated and rather stupid which is really helping my mood about going out tonight. I think I am going to find a rock big enough for me and the dog's to fit under. Hope anyone reading this is having a better start to their weekend.

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