Friday, February 20, 2009

wool roving

For the past 2 weeks I have been shifting around my studios. Yes I know I am very lucky to have two. When I married Phil we knew I would need a studio so we added one to his house just before I moved in. Well I had no idea that I owned that much stuff, sigh and then I decided I was in love with felting. So when the acre of land with a very old trailer on it came up for sale, we bought it and I am moving all my felting stuff up there. I still keep finding stuff in the old studio that needs to be moved. As I have been uncovering things, I have realized that I own POUNDS of white roving. Some if mystery wool, some merino, some BFL and some maybe romney. Anyway, I now have my summer cut out for me. I will be over the dye pots as much as time will allow. I am now off to look for a carder. Always wanted one, now have a good excuse!

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