Friday, August 21, 2009

Road Trip tomorrow!

I was asked to participate in a show in a Gallery I had never heard of. Well that is because it is in a town I have never been to so Sally and I are going to take a 2.5 hour drive to deliver my piece. We will drive through several ante-bellum towns that Sherman decided not to burn so this will be a great history trip too. We plan to eat at the Blue Willow Inn, which is an old family plantation that has been turned into a restaurant where they bring big plates of southern home cooked food to each table and every room has several tables. We will likely be seated at a table with people we don't know so it is fun getting to meet other people, many of them tourists. Then we plan to go gallery hopping and boutique looking. There is another town that has converted the very old brick bank into a restaurant. You can eat inside the vault if you get lucky. We may need to stop for another dessert there, takes alot of sugar to keep up with all the looking and walking tomorrow. It will be an art day with no art making, just gathering ideas.


Paula said...

Blue Willow Squares! I remember those when someone brought them to doll club once. Yum. Good luck with the place that wants your art and have a lot of fun.

FiberArtisttoo said...

Thanks Paula, I think that Judy brought them and they were so good. Maybe I should buy their cookbook this time for my collection that I seldom use.