Sunday, August 30, 2009

A beautiful rainy Sunday in Ga

A wonderful day to work on dolls for Magic, Mischief and Mayhem that begins in 2 weeks. So why and I procrastinating? We have to make 4 dolls and I think I started with the hardest. I am so afraid that the rest of them will be such a pain that I don't even want to start on them but start I must. I at least need to finish one of them today.
I went into my studio with full intentions of getting started and I saw this box that I couldn't remember the contents so I had to open it and put things away. Under it was another unknow box so I dug around in it and put things away. At this rate, I will probably bury the dolls and patterns that I need to work on. Any ideas of how to light a fire under my behind?

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Heather said...

oh! I've been there, I don't think there's really a secret to end procrastination. Just remember that once you start, you'll find a groove and be finished before you know it.
I love your dolls, btw. hope you post pictures of these new ones when you finish.