Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quiet start for the week

Well last Thurs. evening, we had snow, rain,ice and freezing rain. It was a total mess. Here in the south we don't often see bad weather so most of us just stay home and watch the idiots on TV that are trying to drive in it. My only way to work was actually closed on Friday so I had to take a personal day but that is ok. I got out my ancient carder and started working on blending some greens. They are really turning out pretty.
Our temps are climbing back up into the 50's tomorrow so if it stays nice this weekend, I will be felting again. I found a website with freeformed felt pieces that were knitted and crocheted today. Looked very cool and I would love a vest like that.
So what is everyone else doing? Are many of you snowed in?


Teresa said...

Oddly enough, the worst of the snow missed the northern half of Minn. All we got was COLD, super cold! But we are now warming a bit. Might even hit 30 tomorrow! The 'heat wave' means I can get some cleaning done in the alpaca barn!
Be sure to show the blended green roving! Sounds lovely.

FiberArtisttoo said...

I hate the cold, we are just now getting about freezing for the past week. Will show all my various greens that I have made trying to get the right shade