Tuesday, January 5, 2010

too cold to dye

You know it is too cold to dye wool when it starts to freeze as soon as it comes out of the dye pot. Also when it is warmer hovering over the dye pot outside than it is inside the house, well for Alpharetta, Ga that is just too cold. Predicting snow on Thursday but it will never happen. We want it so much in our area that I sort of feel sorry for our local meteorologists. They have cameras right there if even little flake shows up. I do wish we would have a decent amount so I could watch Larkin's reaction to it.

Back to art, I stayed home today with the makings of a huge cold but I still did some art. Aside from freezing wool, I did take lots of photos of items that I have been making lately. I finally got one up on Etsy today. I would love to get to the point that some others do which is list a new item a day. Here is what I uploaded today , a new collaged necklace that is enclosed in glass. Fun to make and a good way to use scraps for all of us who don't have the heart to throw anything away.
Today's drama, there always is some isn't there....I opened the door to my studio and in flew a little Carolina wren, one of my favorite cheeky little birds. So now I have a bird flapping at the windows, 3 dogs insisting the little bird is theirs' and pieces of art work flying everywhere. Not going to discuss the bird poo. I finally get the dogs out of the studio and spend 20 minutes trying to convince this little bird to go out the studio door and be free again. She stops panicking, almost lets me touch her and finally flys out the door with no damage to anyone or thing. That is all for today!

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