Saturday, July 10, 2010

early July

well I went out on Tuesday night to an event where it was dark and I managed to fall down 4 concrete, metal edged steps and land on my healing foot. I bled abit, refused medical help, was totally embarished and stayed for the entire event. By the time I got home, we had to peel my jeans off. My leg was so swollen and bloody, what a mess to deal with at 1pm when all you want to do is sleep. I made it thru work all week so have keeping my leg elevated and not driving my stick shift for 2 days. Since I can't get much made, I do have a few inspirational pictures for you, just so this isn't a totally wasted post. Will have more pics of real work next time. No the lady in the first photo is not me, I was just amazed by her dreadlocks!

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