Thursday, July 22, 2010

Home again

I am back from vacation and it is sad to see it gone but it is nice to be home too. We were pretty far up onto a mountain with great views from the deck so I had time to do a lot of thinking and enjoying the birds and views. The family wanted to go, go, go all day every day. Because of my leg I was left behind a lot but I enjoyed my time alone.
I almost got caught up with Fibers mag and I did get to go to one large craft fair. I expected to see more variety but it was still a nice show. No felting at all and only one lady who did fiber work. Lots of quilting and applique but mostly machine done. Just not as much hand crafting as I had hoped for. Sad to say, not much was selling. I bet that show cost a lot of money to get into, the convention center was a great place to have it.
Really makes me wonder if a felter can make a living in this economy. Of course the summer isn't the best time to sell felt.....
Anyone else have nice vacations? Discuss them here if you would like to, I am always interested in what other people do to relax.

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