Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Well I have finally been really busy the last 2 days. I am taking 4 classes online at the same time, not quite sure how I managed to do that. I made the bat head for Battina yesterday and it came out great. This is a bat in a box with wings that move when you crank the little shaft. It looks like a jack in the box only nothing jumps up, just the wings move.
I have been working on a birthday custom apon that was due June 20th but I should have it finished by Tues. Finally got all the ribbon rolls that I could find on my ribbon racks. That corner looks so much better. I am throwing away stuff left and right not that you can really tell yet.
I gathered together all my dyes and put back up the shelve that decided to hurl itself across the room. Have always thought this place was haunted but in a playful way. Got all the dyes put back up. Hung things on the wall that have been waiting a long time to get put up. Unfortunately my studio is such a mess, you can't see what I have done although I know it is better!
Hope you all have a safe and fun 4th. We have a bagfull of fireworks, mostly sparklers. Tonight we get to irritate the old lady across the road who comes out every year to complain that we are going to set her house on fire. We get to yell back and forth across the street at each other, just another family ritual. Anyone else have 4th rituals?

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