Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Experiment

Have you ever gone to the home page of Etsy and typed in something in the search box that you might be interested in? First of all it is a great time waster if you are waiting at Dr's office or during lunch at your desk. Second it is very interesting to see just how much stuff come up that has your request in the tags but not in the object being sold. Third it gives you an idea of the going prices and is useful to see how other's have described their products.

I did this today and typed in felt. The very first item that came up had felted in the tag but it was a brass kalidescope(can't spell, sorry) that had a chain necklace and was very cute. Then I started looking for the felt. It didn't come in a felted bag, none of the pieces of the scope appeared to have felt on them, hmmm, an intentional mistag?

Next I noticed that over 1/2 of the items were made of commercial felt, not that there is anything wrong with that but I should have narrowed my search to handmade felt.

There were lots of knitted items that had been shrunk in the dryer. That is called fulling, not felting but I guess the average person wouldn't know that. A fiber person really should though.

I was amazed at the prices on felted items similar to my own. I mark mine much cheaper, maybe people think cheap price means cheap product. Will need to re-consider my pricing. I also noticed that the people who sold the most had a much better description of the product than I did and including cleaning instructions. Looks like I have quite abit of site improving for my shop.
Last I will leave you with some beautiful felted items from http://www.wraptinfelt.etsy.com/

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