Wednesday, November 17, 2010

cranberry salsa or sauce

This is a recipe that I made up for Thanksgiving cranberries. I hate the canned stuff though lots of people love it. Here is my version.
2 bags of fresh cransberris
1 orange
zest of orange
Cilantro (if you want it, some people don't like it)
Orange juice
Jalapeno peppers, the more you stir into the mixture the hotter it will be so taste test as you go
1 teaspoon of sugar

Put the washed cranberries into a chopper or a food processer. You want chunks of berries not sludge or liquid. Add the cilantro and chop it up with the berries.
Take the zest of an orange, add more or less as you like it, I use the zest of an entire orange.
Put all these chopped up ingredients into a bowl.
Chop up at least 2 jalapeno peppers
Add to bowl and stir.
Add sugar and if the mix is too dry, add some orange juice until the mixture is well blended but not runny.
I love this recipe because it uses no cooking and you keep all the nutrients in the salsa.


Nancy Hunt-Bartek said...

Thanks for this recipe. We love everything spicy at our house!
fondly, Nancy

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Sounds good - I may make it some time, but my grandmother's recipe is such a tradition, I'll still make that - we love it! See you Saturday! B.