Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a few thoughts

I was reading someone else's blog, sorry I can't remember whose but she had this to say " I have come to realize that my art will never please everyone so the only person it has to really please is me". I used to always think of how to make things that everyone will love and want to buy. Now I have the attitude that the fun is in the making, not really in the selling. I think I came to realize that during the show last weekend. There were so many people who would stand at the edge of my booth, not acknowledge my hello and literally turn their noses up and go to the next booth. It used to be that would have hurt me a lot, I was so thin skinned. I am finally at a place in my life where I know it is ok if no one else gets my work. It is always great to get compliments and encouragement which do help motivate me to continue when my muse doesn't want to play. It is nice to finally accept that I enjoy being challenged (by myself) to stretch myself as an artist and to want to continue to learn new things, even if no one else gets "it"!

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Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Lovely! I know that my 'art' is very different from yours, but I agree that it is the creating that is important. Tonight, tired as I am, I took time out to create for a little while. And it eased the tiredness a bit. And some people, those who don't get 'it', will most likely NEVER get it! Either you are a creative soul, or you aren't, or you have just never explored and discovered that side of yourself. And I feel so sorry for those folks! They don't know what joy they are missing! Take care, Libby, and y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Becky