Friday, November 5, 2010

even worse than I thought

So my first knitting class is over. It is in a big room in the middle of the store and I can't count all those stitches with every talking. Had to take mine apart 3 times. I had taught myself how to cast on all wrong so that was the first thing I had to learn. Soon the 2 hour class was over. I got to knit alot today and somehow I kept adding a stitch. Have ripped it out but saved rows of stitchs so I haven't lost everything I have done. Now I have a cramp in my thumb so am going to make myself take a break. If it gets better, I will post my progress here. Wish me luck!


Teresa said...

Don't get discouraged. Most important -- relax! Use big needles and fat yarn. You'll get it!

FiberArtisttoo said...

Thanks Teresa, you are right I will get it. Need to work on my tension. Thanks for the advise