Saturday, February 5, 2011

Still looking for that muse...

I just had my first "difficult" person on Etsy. A woman asked if my sale was still on, she wanted to buy a necklace. I had stated in the descriptions that the sale was good until Jan.1 but I had forgotten to take it down so I gave her the 10% off and changed the paypal amount. She sent me the money thru paypal immediately so I sent the necklace off to her. She mentioned she was a fiber artist too. She emailed me when she got it, said it was lovely and sent me good feedback. 2 days later she wore it to work and the beads started to fall off. I couldn't see how this could have happened as the wired beads were crimped to the clasps and the bead caps were glued on and tied on I but told her I would refund her necklace price and pay her return shipping if she would send it back. She said it was a piece of trash so she had thrown it in the trash. I showed her my policy that there was no refund if the item was not returned. She sent it back to me, both clasps were in it but both crimps and the wire was missing. The fibers had been cut and unraveled. I think she took it apart to see how it was made and then threw a minor fit to get her money back. I am so disappointed in this. I trust people but she took a small bite out of that. I returned all her money and her shipping. Then she said she wanted a hand made custom felted scarf. Hmmmm, no way in h*ll!
What would you have done if this had happened to you? Has something similar ever happened to you? Would love to hear your answers.


Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Honestly, I don't know what I would have done, but would have been mad enough to chew nails!!!

Your creativity will come back! I know it will! Have you done your interview yet for the teaching position? If so, how'd it go???

Here's a link, you may have seen them, but I'd never heard of a 'snippet roll'. I'm going to try to make one tomorrow - can't wait to see how it goes!

Take care of yourself!!! Becky

krex said...

Sorry this happened to you :(
I think for people who are basically honest, it is difficult to even imagine that there are actually sadistic people in the 47, I am still taken by surprise and must keep learning this lesson . Since she has already left feedback for you, I would have just adhered to your shop policy and definitely refused to do business with her in the future .

I have done more buying then selling on Etsy and had 90%positive transactions but there have been sellers who sent wrong items and then denied it and those who have sent felted roving and filthy fiber that was listed as "washed" . So far, I have just written them off as "never order from them again" and not bothered to return items (which they demanded I pay return shipping on ). I did learn eventually, to actually touch and smell the roving before leaving feedback instead of just looking at it in the package and saying it was great because I like the color bad .

I do wonder how people can live with themselves when they know they are sending out filthy fiber...(her excuse was that she just hadn't noticed when she put it in the bag) ????

I do think there should be a support group for sellers and buyers who have been "burned" as this can be very traumatic....(or is it only me who takes it so personally ?)

Rayela Art said...

I take anything back, no questions asked, with a full refund (minus shipping), if it is shipped back within five days of purchase.

If I suspected that she had taken the necklace apart, I would have photographed it, told her I was reporting her to Etsy, and given her a negative. Yes, she might retaliate and give a negative back, but this is the only way other people will know that she did this.

If you give the negative and then immediately cancel the transaction, she wouldn't have any way to retaliate. And, I would definitely not sell to her again. I keep all my records on an excel file and have a page for defunct transactions. I also have a column for notes. On eBay, you can barr people who are a problem from buying from you.

It's a major pain to deal with these people, but they really are very rare. It's just part of doing business and you have to roll with it and move on.

FiberArtisttoo said...

Thanks Becky,Krex and Rayela Art. You have all given be good suggestions. I went out and cancelled the sale today and there is a box that you can explain what happened so at least Etsy will know. The feedback will go back to her I hope. I do trust my customers and this is the first time this has happened. I bought bad fleece too so it does go both ways.

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