Thursday, February 23, 2012

Felting today

It is supposed to get up to 75 today in north Ga so I am outside felting. We have a bit of a breeze so that has not helped to put down the roving. I did something not so smart and am too far into the project to fix it. I used 3 different types of sheep wool and of course each one felts faster or slower than the others. I have had to be so gentle with my first rubbings and still some of the fibers want to roll out. I used lots more soap and that has helped some. So has frequent breaks to let the piece just sit for awhile. I am trying to make another bird house and the colors in this one are really beautiful. Fingers crossed that this works!

Oh and guess how many pieces a semi-assembeled Louet wheel has..... way more than I expected.

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