Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An angora rabbit story

The yarn shop where I teach bought a sweet 6 week old bunny named Ruby in Oct. They have a great cage for her, let her out regularly to hop around the shop. As she has gotten older, she has started to destroy rugs and wool she can reach to someone has to watch her when she is out of her cage. Well withing the past month she has decided she needs a boy friend. She has become more distant instead of friendly. She has bitten the owner several times. This week when she was taken out of her cage, she started growling. When she was put on the floor, she took off to find a hiding place. The owner had to go find her of course but when Ruby was found, it really pissed her off and she started chasing and growling at the owner all over the shop. I was laughing so hard when they told me about this, I didn't even ask how they got her back into her cage.

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