Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring in North Georgia

The weather here is really screwy. Below freezing one night, 45 degrees the next. My camelias are full of buds but the ones who have opened early are burnt around the edges. No daffodils here but you can see them all blooming where farms and homes used to be. My plum tree just starting blooming yesterday and my hellborius are blooming like crazy and probably need to be divided. My Christmas bottle tree is almost full and looks wonderful in the garden. So much weeding I need to do in that bed.
As for creating.... well I have finished several old projects so I have quite a few new things for the show in late March. I am stuck in my head on this one piece that is so cool but keeps changing everytime I work with it. Won't be selling this one, no one could afford it.
My birthday is coming up and we will be headed to a cabin in N.Ga. They allow dogs so everyone gets to come and have a good time. I have decided that I don't need anything, well maybe someone to come over and help me de-stash but I have also worked with Creative to help a Place to Bark

This is a rescue group for disgarded cats and dogs. My friend Bernie Berlin has been trying to run this for year off her own money and her inheritance but they are in trouble now and I send them money as often as I can but of course it is never enough. Bernie does great work at re-homing animals.

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