Friday, September 21, 2012


Nothing like starting the day off in a ditzy way.  Got to work and had 2 different shoes on.  One a dark brown Mary Jane and the other a tan boat shoe.  Well I gave everyone a good laugh. 

Am having a show with 3 other women this weekend.  Starts tonight and goes thru Sunday.  I am not there tonight as there are 2 holding down the booth and it is really full.  It is a quilt show and is amazing.  There are rows and rows of beautiful quilts.  My fav was a wall quilt of Dracula in a coffin.
Of course I can't afford anything.  I did buy 2 parasols in blue and purple that I hope will help decorate my booth.

That's all for now. Hope the weather where you are is as beautiful as it is here!

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