Monday, September 3, 2012

nuno failure again

I just made a beautiful scarf in fall colors so this is the first successful nuno in 3 weeks.  I started another one today on very open weave polyester.  Sooooo did not work. I rolled it enough I thought but I haven't given up on it yet.  Think I will change over to felted soap and see if I don't have more luck.  I have a show coming up in 2 weeks so things better start working!

On another topic, we are still in court trying to get our visitation rights back to have Jonathan.  At 14 he has decided he doesn't want to see us any more.  The law says you can not break the divorce decisions so his mother has been held in contempt of  court once and it looks like she will be again.  What an emotional and money mess.  Don't even want to say how much this has cost with no end in site.  Wish us luck!

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