Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Do you think this will work?

I have some lovely roving that is merino, silk and sparkles. I was wondering if I laid out the roving in rows, wove silk inbetween the rows and then put another thin layer of the roving on top if this would all felt into nano cloth? I know the silk should all shrink up so this piece of wool/cloth will be very distorted and probably won't work as a scarf, but I could cut it up and make it part of a vest. I am designing a very unusual jacket in my head with many felted pieces, altered fabric and dyed lace. Anyone have any ideas on my nuno project?

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Helen + ilana = Hi said...

Using roving alone you won't be making nuno felt. Nuno is the process of felting with fabric. Usually a very fine fabric. The project you have described so far sounds really lovely. Use extremely fine layers if you are wanting a drappable product (like for a scarf)Another trick for good drappability is to stretch the fabric. Fold the scarf in 1/2 twist as though you were going to wring it out and then pull the two ends away from each other. Here is a link to my posts about scarves. http://www.deeplyfelt.com/search/label/Scarves