Sunday, July 5, 2009

Don't think I told everyone about the project I had for the neighborhood kids. Right now they are all at the age where wrestling is the rage, ask me who my fav wrestler is, Jeff Hardy... Anyway, my surprise to them was I bought 4 Mexican wrestling masks and 4 styrafoam heads to put the masks on. The I pulled out all my paints to the deck and let the 3 boys just go for it. At first I tried to teach them alittle about painting. When I realized that was a waste of time, I decided to paint myself a mask. In between drying points we discussed why Mexican wrestling was different from American wrestling. We disussed what an honor it was so where certain types of Mexican masks so I did get a little history in there. After painting the glitter flew and everything dried in the sun. The kids wore their masks and had a great day. Here is a picture of me in my mask, it is too small for my head so that is why I have a piglet nose but this was a fun project for all.

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