Wednesday, July 22, 2009

it's almost time

for things that go bump in the night.... OK I know I am pushing it but Halloween is my favorite season and I want to get started on it early this year, it always slips up on me and then I am making Christmas stuff. So to start getting into the spirit, I have found a few fun blogs and websites to get me started. Thought you might enjoy seeing them too.
I have made my share of "unusual" dolls and I really should take pictures and post them here. I have one doll that I have completed and I have been terrified to paint because I know I am going to screw it up. Well it just came to me, so what if I screw it up, I will just gesso a couple of coats on and try again. This is supposed to be be a fun outlet for me, not making me go more nuts than I am. Maybe this weekend I will get that done and then pull all the pictures in here to make you guys laugh and maybe even inspire?


Peggy said...

looking forward to following you.

FiberArtisttoo said...

Thanks Peggy, I hope I can always find something interesting to say!