Friday, July 3, 2009

a Friday off

Isn't it wonderful to have a Friday off? Not much happened but it was so relaxing. We first went to GoodWill to get Jonathan some inexpensive shirts since he is growing so fast. I found a chair that will be perfect for one of my dolls. Then I went to my favorite New Age store and bought a beautiful new celtic pentagram.

Came home and went swimming. There was a good breeze so it was cool but still fun. I want to start a new project tonight. I have seen some cool wet and needle felted neckaces. Not sure that any one but me would wear one but I could encrust it in beads and just have a good old time. I love doing freeform peyote beading and could do that between flags of the felting.... Will show this if I ever try and finish it. I am showing a peyote bracelet that I just love and have on Etsy. Catching the colors was difficult but it is still pretty.

Happy 4th tomorrow, be safe and have fun!

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