Friday, December 25, 2009

The Gaitlinburg trip that wasn't

Be very careful what you wish for. It has been so long since I had seen an accumulation of snow that the 6 hours to Asheville wasn't really all that bad (I wasn't driving) So many wrecks on the interstate, cars stopped for hours at a time. Young men pushing cars out of snowbanks. Driving down the one lane of 3 that is open and enjoying the snowmen people built while they were waiting for the wrecks to clear. Finally in Asheville, the road to Gaitlinburg has a mudslide so no going that way. Stop at various hotels, no room at the inn, no stables either. I step out of the car to play in the snow and my feet immediately got out and I am laying flat on my back. Decide to make a snow angel since I am down there anyway.... We continue back home. A 4.5 hour trip has turned into a 12 hour adventure. Has anyone seen it lightening while it is snowing? It is blue. A ball of lightening shot down the highway towards us, it's center was teal and outside was blue....twilight zone.... So we missed the lights a Gaitlinburg but I think I had more fun dealing with the snow. It ended up 15" in Asheville. No wonder by 12" boots didn't stay warm
There have been several nice sales on wool this month so I got a good supply of Merino. The New Zealand Merino is not nearly as soft as the US Merino. Will be interesting to see how each of them felt.

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Teresa said...

Watching the news, I'm amazed by where there has been snow of late. Here in Minn, it was expected, forecast for about a week. We mostly stayed home and plowed and shoveled.
Sorry you missed the lights, but at least you saw the special light show from above!