Thursday, December 17, 2009

This weekend's fun

We are taking a weekend trip to Pigeon Forge (yuck) and Gaitlinburg (yea) Tn. It is supposed to snow and I never get to see snow so I am excited and packing like I am going to the North Pole. We are riding the trolley in Gaitlinburg to see the lights. This is the 3rd year I have done it so I guess I will know all the jokes from the ticket taker but it will still be fun. Pigeon Forge seems to be all shopping malls and bad buffets. Phil and his mom will want to hit every one. Hopefully Phil has no stomach problems. Maybe there will be a cool yarn or roving store. The Tn Artisan Guild is in Gaitlinburg and they have already asked me to join when/if I move to Tn. That was a nice little ego boost.
From the way things have not been selling in my shop this season, I need all the ego boosts I can get. Anyone else selling anything? I did pretty good at the show last week even if I did have to stay home with Phil. Next year I will be back and able to push my product and tell more about the felting process and maybe do some demos.
Life is good and I am catching up with things finally. Such a good feeling. I still have some more house decorating to do but it won't take too long. Then I can sit back, drink sparkling hot cider and relax!
Hope you are all doing well, have your shopping done and are just waiting for the man in the red suit.


Tom in Tennessee said...

I work in tourism (Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism), and we're delighted you're coming to the Smokies and hope you have good experiences everywhere you go, regardless of city limits.

On this visit, you might find some shops you like at Old Mill Square, and we hope you'll come back in March for the 16th annual Smoky Mountain Quiltfest. It's a huge event, with 70 classes and seminars and beautiful displays of intricate quilts. (Look under "events" at

Travel safely, and if you want to expand your knowledge of dining options, visit the Pigeon Forge Welcome Center at Traffic Light 0.

FiberArtisttoo said...

Hi Tom,
We missed out on this trip but we will be back and I love the spring up there. March is my birthday and a good way to celebrate it is to see the quiltfest.