Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's getting closer

As Christmas is coming, well I am not making much progress. Usually by this time each year, I have the house fully decorated. This year we just barely got the tree up. I may still be hanging ornaments in January at this rate.

Just decided to add free shipping to 1/2 of my shop so if you have been considering one of my felted scarves, they are free shipping. I added some glass Christmas balls that I put red, white, green wool and gold sparkes inside. They are pretty on my little metal tree.

I have the last show of the season this weekend. It is a house show that is not going to be inside as I thought but outside on her porches. I am on the back porch with one other artist so I hope we still get lots of traffic. The high will be 42 degrees and it is supposed to be raining so I wonder how well my felt will do with the humidity. I will probably have to re-shape everything.

Hope you are all doing wonderfully!

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