Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday towards the end of March

Well Mother Nature is playing tricks on us again in the South. Last weekend was so nice. 70's weather high, flowers opening, green and red buds on the tips of tree branches, just beautiful. Then comes Monday. We get up to drizzling rain, in the mid 30's and windy. Got to work and it even started snowing for a little while. What is up with this?

I should have spent that beautiful weekend dyeing silk and wool, maybe even felting some. Instead I wasted too much of it on the computer and working on dolls inside the house. I do have one doll that I should finish soon and will share with all of you.

I do have some good news for those of us in the Atlanta area. The knitting, spinning, crochet and all wonderful things made with fibers groups and guilds are in the first stages of getting a Fiber center where we can all meet, take/teach classes and just have fun being around like-minded people. Read about it here, it is so exciting http://surfacedesignassociationofgeorgia.blogspot.com/2010/03/southeast-fiber-arts-alliance.html


Kelly said...

How wonderful that you will soon have a local meeting place for those who work with fiber. I could only wish I had something near me. Thank goodness for wonderful sites like yours to help keep me inspired and motivated!

FiberArtisttoo said...

Thank you Kelly, it is comments like yours that help keep me going. Everyone needs some good feedback if only to know someone is really reading the blog.
Yes we are very lucky to be getting a meeting place. I am taking my first nuno class from someone in the guild on4/9,10,11 and I am excited but wondering if I can hold up. 3 days is a lot of felting!