Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why did it get so busy?

Suddenly it seems like all sorts of good things are coming my way.  Last weekend I took a clay doll class and it was lots of fun.  I really like the "creature" that I made and as soon as I finish dressing him, I will post him here.  This Thurs. I am going to take my first sewing classes since my grandma taught me at 6 years old.  This should be very interesting.  I think 2 classes are demo's but the third one we make something and we get to use an embellisher so maybe I will learn more about that before I break all my needles.  Got to find a source for those.  Next weekend I am taking an on-line class about making human troll hermit crabs.  Will post that too, it should not take any dressing.  I seem to be on this kick of making odd/ugly dolls.  

It is almost warm enough to start felting again.  I want to try the nuno now that my hands won't be shaking.  What is everyone else up to?

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