Saturday, May 15, 2010

news about my blog

They have finally blocked all blogs from work which is where I am usually awake enough to post. I will just have to adjust my schedule but give me a little time. Next, some of you know I have had surgery on my back many years ago and have a steel rod in it. I have been having shoulder and lower back pain so Cynthia gave me a mini massage and told me I REALLY needed to see a good chiro. I found one close to my house who is open late and takes my insurance. He has worked on me 2x this week, hasn't killed me yet but some of the treatment makes me think he might. I took my 2007 x-rays in and he told me there is a good chance I might need more surgery on my back. Not at all what I wanted to hear. He is going to show some surgeons my x-rays and we will go from there. All the vertebra that aren't fused by my rod have intense arthritis. Soooooooo this is going to cut down drastically on my felting. I have so many ideas, I keep writing them down but for now I am going to try to sew and sell funky clothes, partly to keep busy and partly to keep my Etsy shop open. This may all be for the good anyway since felt really only sells in the Atlanta area in the winter. Adding funky clothes could keep me open as a more versitle shop. Any ideas for other things to do that would be less painful?


Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Libby, so sorry about your back problems, I know how painful they can be. Will keep you in my thoughts! Becky

Teresa said...

Wow, that is really a bummer. Is there a way you could felt while sitting, maybe on a tall chair or something? Making clothing is a good idea, but it is sad to give up something you enjoy. I hope things work out.