Saturday, May 1, 2010

finaly warming up, I think

Phil has tilled a large area for me to start my first garden here. He did a much larger area that I had anticipated so I am able to put in more than planned. I will have an entire square of sunflowers which should keep the birds happy. Am putting in 4 tomato plants, we will be giving away tomatoes as well as yellow squash and cucumbers. Didn't find any zuccini but will plant that too. Got two Thai pepper plants, am excited by those and surprised to find them. Will be doing butter beans and pole beans that will run up the outside of the chain link fence and be eatten by Larkin most likely. He already tasted my petunias today, I hope he didn't like them.
I tried to dye some silk and cheese cloth for a wall hanging. Used Walnut ink and crystals. Not sure they will be dark enough, I may have to add dye. Next weekend is Mother's day so I have to put together a shadow box I have been planning and get it into the mail. Next Sat. is the Georgia Farmgirls 1st show so I am going to be very busy as usual. Why don't I slow down and give myself a break? No wonder I am so tired. At least Phil is helping instead of grumping!

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