Sunday, October 7, 2012


What a Sunday it has been.  I got up early (for me) at 9:30 and decided I needed to work on my studio.  With all the shows, I have just been craming all my stuff into one section and it was so bad, I couldn't find anything.  I took all my finished products and put them into Jonathan's closet, I still need to go thru those.  At the last show a lady gave me a really nice CD rack so I got enough out of the way that I could put all my Christmas CDs on it.  I almost filled the rack, found music I haven't listened to in several years.
I also went thru stacks of stuff that I hadn't opened in over 3 years so it was time to take out what I wanted and purge the rest.  I put together another Jo Ann's cart and loaded all of my batik, my irish lace, crochet pieces and some linens.  Nice to have those all in one place so I can use them and not buy more.  This created the beginning of a clean space so I can use my 6 ft loom.
Cleared off an area to put a new radio/CD player as my other one died.  Now I have music again. 
Still not ready to start any projects but at least I can walk in the place!

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